Forever Now
May, 2019

“What if some things do last forever?” An exhibition about how the concept of ‘now’ is informed by both yesterday and tomorrow. 

Creating an answer by blending both nostalgia and futurism, committing to look forward as opposed to look back.

Alan Crocetti x Esmay Wagemans
March, 2019
Creating extra-terrestrial type sculptures which served as the pedestal for the thought-provoking and avant-garde Erotica jewelry collection by Alan Crocetti.
Mira Festival
November, 2018
Providing a talk on 'New Humanity'.
'Русская рулетка' (Russian Roulette)
October 2018
Collaborating with Sevdaliza and Red Bull by establishing a unique art performance for an intimate group of spectators.
The Neoprotofeminist Show
October 2018
What we see in the contemporary social issue scene is expressed through an Art movement that is stepping towards the future and has a ciritcal eye towards social issues, feminism, sexuality and gender identity.
Sprouts Young Talents
September 2017
Presenting the work of fifty upcoming artists, all working in different disciplines.
Dutch Design Week x New Humanity
October, 2017

A research of the identity-shift between robot and human. Are robots becoming us or are we becoming robots?

In nowadays society technology is more and more at the forefront, as natural assumptions about humanity are fading to the background. Technological developments give us the opportunity to become our own creator, but also create a hyper-self awareness of the body. Humans aren’t longer strictly nature, but also a product of culture.

Body Politics

Invoking issues such as autonomy, sexuality and gender, countering normative constructs and exploring new approaches to diverse bodies.

Casting Sevdaliza's physical features to create another body, accentuating features that society doesn't deem attractive of feminine.

An exclusive one-night art performance in collaboration with Glamcult at the ETQ store, Amsterdam, May 2017.

The Christa Project: Manifesting Divine Bodies
March, 2017

In connection with the changing conversations about the politics of identity, Christa returns to the Cathedral alongside works by more than twenty other contemporary artists whose works also explore the language, symbolism, art and ritual associated with the image of Christ.

Bonnesuit x Esmay Wagemans

Creating a collection made from latex, bursting borders between the fetish material and the traditional idea of suits.

Rough Romance x The Hoxton

Creating a film especially for Mrs. Mokum’s ‘Rough Romance’ night at the Hoxton.

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