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Internship at Esmay Wagemans


Studio internship 2021


Date: negotiable, possible from the 1st of February. 


Internships at our studio will be dedicated to the ambitions and skills of the applicant and have a minimum duration of 4 months. You will work together with Esmay in the studio where you will learn the techniques and materials we work with. Available studio days are negotiable.





  • Creating material and color samples

  • Working on concepts and productdesign 

  • Molding and casting objects 

  • Working with silicone, resin and other materials

  • Researching materials and techniques 

  • Creating digital content

  • Assisting client projects, productions and the development of the brand.




  • Studying for a degree in fashion, (product)design, lifestyle, art or another relevant related direction. 

  • You are able to think conceptually. 

  • Patient, innovative, curious and hands on mindset. 

  • Affinity with hand or 3D work. 

  • Able to work independently and develop your own tasks.

  • Basic knowledge of molding & casting techniques is an advantage (but not an requirement).

  • Affiliation with Esmay Wagemans and/or the fashion/lifestyle/art/design industry. 



To apply for an internship please send an email and where relevant your portfolio to

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