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To apply, please send a motivation letter, CV, and portfolio to:

ESMAY WAGEMANS is an art and design studio that is run solely by me. With growing projects and being responsible for all tasks that come with it, I want to work towards a future where I can add someone to my circle who is familiar with my process. Currently, I’m looking for an intern to support the workshop for a couple of months and who has the potential to be guided and grow into a role where you’re able to occasionally assist me during busy periods.





You will work in my small studio in Amsterdam-Noord/Zaandam and spend most of your time in the workshop behind the crafting tables. Your main focus will be on helping execute projects using molding and casting techniques. I will guide you along the way and teach you all the steps and techniques I work with.


  • Preferably 2/3 days a week

  • Starting from the first week of September (or sooner)

  • Duration of 3 till 6 months




  • Passionate about craftsmanship.

  • Wants to refine and improve technical skills.

  • Works concentratedly and knows how to work carefully and neatly. 

  • Has a natural patience to work in detail and to learn step-by-step.

  • Innovative and eager to understand the operation of material.

  • Knows how to ask for help or guidance. 

  • Likes working in a calm and independent environment. 

  • Lives in The Netherlands.​



To apply, please send a motivation letter, CV, and portfolio to:

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