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Sculpture 009 from the PPG 2023 series. A series of black wearable pieces each uniquely sculpted on molds of real human bodies. Originated from the will to create wearables for close friends to empower their bodies. The design is brought back to the core of the shape of breasts. Shielded in a layer of hardware, they are turned into protection armor playing with the contradiction between the power and vulnerability of breasts. 


The series kicked off with a collection of 12 test sculptures and will expand every now and then with new sculptures for a certain period of time.


SKU: PPG-009
€ 350,00Price
Sales Tax Included |
    • Black wearable sculpture top
    • Hand sculpted on lifecast model G (cup size tags: 80B, 85B, 80C)
    • Made of light-weighted non solvent recycleable thermoplastic 
    • 2x black adjustable webbing straps with silicone coated buckles
    • Embedded logo
    • Weight: +/- 310 grams
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